TOYOTA Landcruiser HZJ 76/78/79

The TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 7-series has been in off-road use for the last five decades. We have  accompanied this development with growing enthusiasm for the last three decades, and have been supporting the landcruiser community for 20 of those years. Since the introduction of the Landcruiser in the 60s the model range has been developed practice orientated and with care. Even trends were ignored at virtually no cost.


Landcruiser Fuhrpark


The Landcruiser of the HZJ-7_ series fascinates till this day with its timeless, classical optic as well as an easy and robust technology. The model upgrade has been powered and moulded world wide from millions of "Landcruisers". The logical renunciation of susceptible electronics makes this vehicle transparent for every good mechanic till this day– thus they are easy to maintain and repair worldwide. The global supply of original TOYOTA spare parts does the rest.


Our experience: TOYOTA LANDCRUISERs are the basis for upgrades and rebuilds of all kinds – no matter whether Expedition-mobile, travel off-road vehicle or rally vehicle. Also exhaust emission norms are accessible with the installation of Euro-4-or euro 5 technology.


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