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The Masters Tour 2011

With the UPUAUT II to the western and white desert of Egypt

More than 20 years ago I travelled with great enthusiasm around this part of North Africa. I want to repeat this specialist tour once again. This new tour is now being planned.


We will travel in a team of 4 and no more than 6 vehicles. These vehicles must be capable to travel distances of approx. 1,500 kms, which means the tank must be able to carry approx. 350 liters of diesel. Completely inexperienced teams are as usual very welcome.


The route leads to the most spectacular regions of the Libyan desert through a partly restricted military territory. From the oasis Siwa we follow endless sand dunes. The route leads us southwards.?The floury dust of the white desert lays on the yellow sand. Past a scenery fit for a film from weather-beaten limestone monuments and a barely visible track that leads into the mountains.


?Maybe in the south an excursion in the Sudan. The oasis Selima - today uninhabited - was for centuries an important base for camel caravans.?Abu Simbel, Aswan, and Luxor are stations which provide an impressive look in to the history of the traditional Egypt.


After a swim in the Red Sea the last stage begins: we travel over the Suez to Cairo. Then we line the sand and dirt crusted vehicles up in front of the luxury hotel in Cairo.


Please find out about the upcoming Masters-Tour. Be sure to get your personal adventure! Please send us an E-Mail (>> request here) oder be informed directly via phone: 0049 2597 939013



Travel Impressions


The Masters Tour 9 to Algeria (March 2010)

Also this years master tour was an unforgettable experience. The tour led 21 days through the ultimate highlights of the Tassili N'Ajer and surroundings. 1,001 kilometers of dunes and mountain formations. Our motto: As little tarred road as needed – so many dunes and ergs as possible! Driveability an absolutely demanding adventure. We drove with 4 vehicles and 6 passengers. One of the expedition vehicles: the CC scout. Prepared, modified and optimised in our CC factory. The CC scout is the ultimate driving machine for Travel, Raid and rallye and is based on TOYOTA LANDCRUISER HZJ 76, equipped with many innovative products from our factory.


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The Masters Tour 8 to Algeria (2008)


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Looking back: Egypt 1988/89/90/91

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